Thursday, June 4, 2009

Birthday Cake

I'm so thankful for the creative friends I have!!! I had an idea for a cake...but fondant? I'm certainly no "Duff" from "Ace of Cakes" how in the world do I make a cake with fondant? I mean, Publix my main source for cakes doesn't use it! So...I found out that Miss Lisa at Scrap, Paper, Scissors makes fondant cakes! And..she was willing to help me out! Madison's invitations were chocolate brown and pink so it only made sense to make a cake with the same colors. This was the final product and for my first shot...I'm very happy. I'm already planning on a Father's Day cake when I go to my family reunion in a few weeks.


  1. This one is super cute also! What kind of frosting/fondant is that?? It almost looks like maple or carmel?

  2. It is just white fondant that I colored with brown coloring. :)