Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Composition Books

Who knew that just some paper, cricut cutting, ribbon and other embellishments that a composition book could be so pretty?

polka dots

Latest cake made for my friend's daughter who turned 12. This was her request...she even over saw the entire process :)

More cards

(above) for a bridal shower I have on Saturday afternoon
(below) for a Pony party we are attending Saturday morning! :)

Moo says the cow

Once again...Martha Stewart crafts to the rescue. We were having one of those afternoons...and well...thankfully, we had something different to occupy our time before the kids were put into a permanent timeout! :) THe only problem I had with the balloons is they wanted to float away...when I was trying to decorate them.

P.S. The next morning...Madison woke up to shrunk animals...oops.


I've been busy organizing my craft/scrapbooking stuff...

Making Memories and Craft Mate storage bins for ribbons and embellishments (above)
Below I used three ring folders and organized all my stickers and stuff by holidays and various other things to make it easier to look for and see everything I have (below)

(below) Cropper Hoppers to organize my 12X12 paper...I sorted it out by holidays, boy, girl and then left one hopper just for my plain colored paper

Teacher Cake

An apple a day! :) This cake was made for a special friend who worked at Madison's school (for her birthday)