Saturday, February 13, 2010

October Afternoon - Ducks in a Row

Adding Stickles to the page really seemed to pop it. I felt as though there was just that little something missing...and then BAM...I found it! :)

I had some Martha Stewart Baby Stamps that I felt really went well with the October Afternoon line. Very vintage feeling. The green bow helped to break the space between the two colored backgrounds.

I used 3D Zots for the sun and Cat's Eyes around the clouds to give them more depth. You are My Sunshine is one of my most favorite songs to sing to my girls...I loved having that sticker in my pack! :)


  1. THis is so cuter!!!! I love it!!!

  2. Aww - you got me with this one...You Are my Sunshine was what I sung to my daughter while she was in my belly and then as an infant. I actually got her smiling to it (though parenting books universally like to suggest that smile was gas)!

    thanks for coming by today!