Sunday, March 22, 2009


When Madison was younger...not too much younger than she is now, she used to say "Cinderellalalala" She really liked to stretch out that last lalalala :) Anyway. I was flipping through Pottery Barn Kids and decided to go online to see what had hit their clearance racks. I came across a piece of art that was marked down to $149. It was cute. Looked pretty simple and easy enough for me to make. So, I got some things, sat down and about an hour and a half later...this was the finished product. I'm tickled. Madison LOVES it. I have a book called "The Little Big Book of Moms". I love the art and stories in that book. I've even thought about framing some of the art in there...but maybe I can turn to trying to duplicate some of it?? Anyway...the top three photos are the ones that I painted. The last one is from which I got my "inspiration". :)
**I do think I will add some more flowers but 3-D flower embellishments...just to give it a little more**

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